We can now measure what is going on in your brain and your whole body when you are at rest, concentrating, relaxing, sleeping and meditating. We receive direct information on physiological data and can compare these measures with our huge database.
With this knowledge know which brain patterns are helpful to support you with meditation. We take time to lead you and teach you personally and in workshops to develop those brain waves that will enhance your energy level and your progress.
Neuromeditation is a process that gently encourages those desired patterns and give feedback when the mind is “off track.”  This will lead to greater awareness and support you to reach your goals in meditation. Our analysis can move you deeper into meditation to become more successful. Also you might experience to move more directly through plateaus of thinking or places where you feel something stuck.
If you are a therapist or a coach, Neuromeditation also can be used in clinical conditions like AD(H)D, depression, anxiety and trauma. It will help to reduce and eliminate symptoms, enhance personal health and growth.
By working with a 3-D Brain-Computer-Interface we have a great tool to explore your whole brain including those regions that are particularly associated with meditation.

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